19 September 2007

Risk caused by high fat diet

Eating food which is high in fat content is a receipe for increasing the risk of colon cancer and various other diseases like obesity, diabetes etc. It does not mean that it should be eliminated totally, a small amount of fat is neccessary but for people who overdo are in great trouble. Once or twice a month is not a bad thing. Let me throw some light on this.

As you eat food which have high fat content like meat, fried snacks, egg yolks everyday the blood cholestrol level increases rapidly. This cholestrol clogs the arteries. These arteries are like small narrow pipes. Much like the iron pipes at home corroding over time and the corrosion blocking the pipe, the cholestrol gets deposited on the sides of the arteries thereby decreasing the space for the blood to flow in and out and gradually blocks the whole artery. This inturn increases the blood pressure and risk of heart problems.

Fat takes more time to get digested and requires lots of exercise to burn these extra calories. When the physical activity of the body decreases these gets deposited and the activity of the colon becomes slow. The waste which is produced by the body does not get eliminated regularly and may result in tumours,piles and constipation etc.

So i recommend you to include lots of fresh vegetables, sprouts and fruits in your diet. Increase the intake of fiber rich food which will not only give fullness to your diet plus relieves you from constipation. A person who has regular bowels is always considered to be healthy person.

You can also include Omega 3-fatty foods in your diet. This helps people with inflammatory arthritis. This is found in oily fish, plant seed oil and nuts and seeds. Try to include Salmon fish, herring, mackerel and sardines, avacado, almonds, walnuts which are very good sources of Omega 3. Try and eat 6-8 nuts a day.

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