23 March 2011

Ideal Body Weight

It is mainly based on the height and age we can calculate the Ideal Body Weight of a person.
IBW for Men is Height -100 cms
IBW for Women is Height-105 cms
Suppose a person’s height is 165 cms then
165-100= 65kgs is ideal. But if he is above 35 years it can be plus or minus 5kgs then his ideal body weight.
For a woman whose height is 165cms then
165-105= 60kgs is ideal. But again if she is above 35 years then it is plus or minus 5kgs then her ideal body weight.
So now you know where you stand in terms of Ideal Body Weight and BMI so calculate your BMR and start losing or gaining weight and maintain a healthy BMI and extend your life span. For planning a healthy diet for yourself please contact your dietitian.

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