30 October 2010

Therapeutic Diets in Hospitals

Therapeutic diets have an important role in modern medicine. Many patients do not get adequate advice and instructions and as a result they fail to derive full benefit from other forms of treatment. As it requires close supervision by a dietitian it is best done in hospitals.A short period in hospital on a strict diet is often beneficial in that it teaches a patient what foods to avoid and how to judge the weight of a helping of food by eye. Thereafter it becomes easy to follow the same at home. This can be examplified in diets with diabetes. Depending on the severity of the disease diet is modified and given to every individual. People on oral drugs can have certain eatables rarely when compared to a patient who is on insulin infusion.
In case of diabetes and dyslipidemia, i have seen people are able to manage their serum values better when they follow the diet closely along with some exercise.This is were dietitians play an important role in the hospital. Educating the people about the does and donts is her or his main duty.She or he also sees to that they have a good diet, since this is an essential part of management of any disease.In a hospital we get to see people having different ailments, we have to frame diet based on their likes, dislikes, eating habits, activity pattern,lifestyle , plus the items which have to be avoided for that particular ailment. We have to see that eating a particular diet they do not end up with any defeciency or overloading of any vitamins or minerals, so balancing the diet is also important. So planning a proper therapuetic diet for every individual is essential in the management of any disease.

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