3 June 2011

What Role does Dietician play in everyday life?

The main purpose of writing this blog is making people realise what is the role of dietician in everyday life. We watch Television everyday and lot of cookery programmes are being telecasted in every channel everyday. The person who demonstrates the recipe say that this recipe contains this vitamin, this much of vitamin and lots of other health benefits without even knowing the exact nutritional value of it. A layman who does not know anything about food simply believes and follows it blindly.
As a dietician practising in this field from past 8-9 years , i feel whenever you talk about something it is better you get proper knowledge of it and it is not right to misguide people by giving wrong information.
If ever you want to know what is good for you and what you should be eating it is always better you go to a clinical dietician or a nutritionist who will be able to guide you better. To become a nutritionist you should a three years degree and practical knowledge about each and every disease and what foods are to be avoided and used for that particular disease.
So, i hope you will know where to go next time when you want an advice instead of blindly following what is shown on Televisions and recipe shows.

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Anonymous said...

Im currently in grade 9, almost into senior. And have no idea what I want to be. But iv'e been thinking about becoming a dietitian later on and I was wondering what kind of OP score you have to get to qualify for that field, any ideas? Also how long do we have to go to uni for, is it 4 years min? What kind of things do you need learn about at uni for this career? is it true that you have an exam every year after uni?
Thank you so much!