27 September 2007

Diet Supplements

Diet supplements are now available at every counter in all shops. Do we need this is the question everybody have in their minds. Seeing the western trends most of all of us want to become slim and thin within few days and the result of this is we go on fasting or starving to make ourself lean. As a result we lack all the important nutrients that we neccessarily need to keep ourself healthy.

I have seen people using all exercises ranging from treadmill to aerobics and also trying out lots of tablets or pills which promise wait lose within few days or months. Losing weight in days and months eventually leads to some ailments like back pain , headache, constipation and there is a tendency to gain more weight if it is not maintained properly. Ofcourse, some diet has to observed inorder to cut down the calorie intake but all of a sudden will always have adverse effect on health.

Usually when we do not take some of the nutrients in sufficient quantities may lead to defeciencies. So then we need to take dietary supplements inorder to replace the natural nutrients which we get from food. From olden days, people are generally aware of multivitamin tablets, B-complex tablets and calcium doses. In addition to this there is one more supplement which we get now is the OMEGA-3.

Omega -3 is available in fish and some of the plant and vegetable oils. This has been very effective for patients with inflammatory arthritis. It is also found in nuts and seeds.

Whenever you use any dietary supplements it is always better to consult your physician or a dietician to see whether it is suitable for you or if it is to be taken neccessarily.

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pratibha said...

hi aruna, many people claim that taking b complex tabs r harmless is that so??
i would b very g8tful if u give some information abt mushrooms.tthats abt its nutrients????---pratibha