9 September 2007

More awareness among housewives than working women

Today, i would like to share my experiences about my latest talk at Lions Club, Mangalore. It was quiet a good gathering with 30 housewives and few men who were also anxious to know somany things. Even though it was arranged at an odd time, everybody came prepared with a set of question.First after the brief introduction about me I was asked to talk on healthy eating habits for an hour. The next session was interaction. There were commonly queries on different food items(good and bad), better ways of cooking and numerous false notions and beliefs and its affects on health.

Apart from these,I came across few queries which ofcourse many of you would like to know and may be having in your mind too... .Some of my clients complain saying that i just tell them what were all the queries and i dont reveal the answers . So today i thought i'll tell you both-

  • " Any amount of milk is good"- Milk contains carbohydrates and can be consumed only in amounts specified in meal plan. Moreover, unless it is skim milk, it contains saturated fat. An easy method to do this is add equal quantity ofwater to the milk (1:1) and boil and cool it. Remove the fat portion from the top the milk and use it as required.
  • " People with diabetes can eat wheat but not rice". This is not true. Both wheat and rice raise the blood sugar to the same extent. It does not matter whether you take rice or wheat, as long as you control the total quantity.
  • " In olden days people used to eat curries made out of coconut and used coconut oil for cooking but they were healthier than us"- As such coconutoil and gravies made out of coconut have lots of cholestrol in it. Ofcourse, people used lots of coconut in olden days their lifestyle was entirely different from us. Now due to modernisation and increased financial status of people, lifestyle also has changed considerably. We absolutely are not doing any work manually so what we eat sticks directly to our body making it obese and stiff. The cholestrol from food adds on the blood cholestrol making things worse, so we advise people to use low fat products.
  • "Can we do excercise after 40 years"- 30 years is the right age to start a excercise schedule. Every human being needs excercise one or the other ways. It has its own benefits like improving the general well being, makes you feel energetic, helps to lower your weight, lowers stress, blood sugar and blood pressure etc. As you get old the need for excercise is more than at young age. To stay fit and healthy excercise is a must.

There were numerous other queries too which i'll be telling you later in my comings blogs. I hope some of these queries and answers must have benefited you too.

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