23 March 2011

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMR is Basal Metabolic Rate. It depends mainly on the amount of calories a person consumes in a day. It is calculated based on the food intake taken from morning to night.
These days we have Body Composition Analyzer (BCA) machine at various slimming centers and hospitals wherein if you enter the height and weight the BCA machine automatically calculates the BMR, BMI (Body Mass Index), fat% etc. It also suggests how many Kilograms of weight a person should lose to reach his or her Ideal Body Weight.
Here are the formulas wherein you can calculate your own BMI, BMR and Ideal Body weight without the BCA machine just by feeding in your height and weight.

For Men: 66+ (13.7* weight in Kgs) + (5* height in cms)-(6.8*age in years)
Eg. Weight of a person is 77kgs and his height is 165cms and age is 32 years.
66+ (13.7*77) +(5*165)-(6.8*32)
1728.3 calories.

Similarly for women: 655 + (9.6*weight in kgs) + (1.8*height in cms)-(4.7* age in years)
Eg. Weight of a woman is 84kgs and her height is 152cms and age is 27years
655 + (9.6*84) + (1.8*152) - (4.7*27)
1608 calories

For a person to lose weight a reduction of 500 calories per day is essential. Out of 500 calories 300 calories can be lost by diet and 200 calories are to burnt by doing regular exercise and over a period of time a person can lose up to 3kgs that is 100 gms per day. If there are any medical reasons like hypothyroid, diabetes or any hormone imbalance then a person can lose up to 2 kgs in a month’s period.

BMI: Body Mass Index:

This is the main criteria which shows where a person stands in regard to his weight. It clearly shows whether he is maintaining a healthy body weight or he has to lose some kgs to reach his ideal body weight.

A healthy BMI is 19-23.9
24-24.9- is considered overweight
25- 29.9- is grade I obesity
30-40 – is grade II obesity
Above 40 is grade III obesity.
Below 19 is underweight.
BMI can be calculated manually using this formula:

BMI= weight (n Kgs) /height*height (in inches)
Suppose a person’s height is 164 cms and weight is 66kgs then
66/ 1.64*1.64
24.5 is the BMI.

So like this you can calculate your BMI.

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