30 July 2007

Maize- a rainy season food

Maize commonly known as Jola or Cholam is a popular snack for many people in rainy season in coastal region of Karnataka. People are tempted by the taste of these hot maize sticks. It is normally fried over burning charcoal till light brown and smeared with red chili powder, salt and lime juice. Yummy ! its delicious. Let me tell you what makes this so delicious?
Maize is availab1e in two varieties i.e dry or tender. Tender variety is cheaper and healthier than the dry one.Tender maize contains less amount of carbohydrates than all cereals (24.6g), 1.9 g of fibre, 121mg of Phosphorus and 6 mg of Vitamin C. Since it tastier it is liked by all people.
There is a great demand for this in Tibet and China. Now we get American Sweet Corns in plentyin markets. The tender ones are used in soups, manchurians and lots of chinese dishes. But besides this one can also use it as a snack for evenings. Let me explain to you how ...
I will give you a simple and easy receipe. Seperate the seeds of maize or sweet corn and put it in an air tight container or box (without water) and steam it for 15 minutes in a pressure cooker without the weight. To the steamed corn add a pinch of butter preferably low fat, salt, red chili powder and two teaspoon of lime juice. Garnish it with coriander leaves and relish it when it is hot. Do try this and eat in plenty. Do not worry about calories bcoz it contains very less calories than all cereals. Isnt it a healthy snack for evenings?

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