1 March 2009

Weight management

As we all know people are more conscious about weight management today.Most of my clients always complain that their weight is not moving even with dieting and exercise.They also ask me whether starving for few days will help but i say no. I explain them the reasons for it-Actually saying after a certain age or time people reach a plateau where the diet nor exercise helps that is when we have to bring in variations in diet and exercise.
The reasons for reaching the plateau are:
1.Suppose if you are calorie consumption is too less then the weight does'nt move because your body does not get the required amount of calories and your body does not have energy to burn the fat and hence your weight reaches a plateau.
2. Same kind of exercise over a period of time does not work for the body because the body gets adapted to that exercise and thus makes those muscles firm and tight thereby increasing your weight .

As i already said bring in variations -like change the exercise pattern do more of cardio exercise and do weight training every alternate day and at the same time change the eating pattern. Include more fiber rich foods like Oats, wheat, greens, fruits and decrease the amount of carbohydrates. Include equal amount of protein rich foods like pulses, fish, egg whites and chicken and you will see the results soon.

I hope this will help you if you are also facing this problem...

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Kanniammal said...

It is an eye opening thought...thank you ....!!!!