10 July 2007

Banana - Diet on budget

One of the most universally popular and loved fruit has to be a banana. It also helps that it is cheaper than most of the fruits and available throughout all seasons of the year. It is considered more as a food rather than a fruit. It has always been a favourite fruit of my family. Our daily meal is incomplete without a banana in the night after dinner.

Bananas are rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, Copper and Mineral salts and is thus considered as an excellent source of stamina and is highly recommended for sportsmen, atheletes and people doing hard manual work.

Banana is also ideal for those who want to reduce weight. There are three varities of banana
  • the yellow skinned banana is considered very light
  • the green one is normal and
  • the red one is heavy.

From the day I started observing things on this earth I have always seen a bunch of bananas hanging on a rope in our kitchen corner and everyday throughout the year. No day goes by without a banana in our house. My dad always used to get lots of banana and give all of us one each every night. In his world it was a cure-it-all medicine. Funnily enough, as kids if we complained of any migrane, headaches he would ask us to eat 2 bananas. He used to say it is all related to digestion and eating bananas will give relief from constipation and stomach ache and indirectly reduce the headache. Eventhough he might have been unaware of the nutritional facts what he used to say is mostly true.

Eating bananas is extremely useful for those who suffer from constipation and stomach disorders. But the consumptions should not exceed 1-2 at a time. Bananas eaten after meals can be good source of energy and strengthen muscles.

Go Bananas!!

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