11 July 2007

Eating out

Indian eating patterns are undergoing revolutionary changes with the spectacular boom we are noticing. With the capitalism firmly taking root, incomes of middle class people soaring, people need a excuse to eat out. Birthdays, Parties galore. Ofcourse eating out gives a chance to get together and gives housewives a break from cooking for a day atleast in a week or so. But this throws diets out of the window.

Here is what I recommend to my clients to ensure they eat healthy stuff away from home without missing out the fun:

  • Eat something (fruit, a vegetable sandwich made without butter, salad, lime juice or two glasses of water) to tone down your appetite before you leave home.
  • At a South Indian restaurant select steamed preparations like rava iddlis, iddiappams and rice and as far as possible avoid oily dishes as vadas, bajjis, pakodas, papads, manchurians and crisp dosas.
  • Limit or avoid dishes with coconut or malai or fresh cream.
  • At a north indian restaurant order plain tandoor roti instead of fried/greasy baturas, parathas, butter nans etc.,
  • For beverages, select an unsweetened juice such as fresh lime with little salt, fresh fruit juice or watermelon juice. Alcoholic beverages always means extra calories.
  • Choose lean meat, fish or chicken without skin.
  • Choose foods that are boiled, steamed, grilled, broiled, poached, roasted or baked. Avoid deep fried foods as far as possible.
  • Order fruit for dessert instead of high calorie item or go for icecreams prepared from low fat milk instead of indian sweets, pie or calorie rich icecreams.

I hope you will keep in mind these tips before going for a day out with your friends. Have a nice time! Enjoy yourself.

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