6 July 2007

Need Strong teeth and gums - Got Sugar cane?

Summer vacations were a lot of fun for us growing up. We had our cousins from Mumbai and Coimbatore come and stay with us for two months and that with other 6-7 cousins who lived close by and other neighbourhood kids we had roughly 15 kids to play. You can only imagine the ruckus we caused. Evenings were even better. All our uncles, aunts join us in playing hide & seek and in playing cards. We sit in big circle and play cards, jokes and pranks galore. My mom had an ongoing supply of tasty (greasy ones too!) snacks to all of us. Sometimes she used to cut sugarcane fresh from the garden for all of us to eat. We used to have competition like who will eat more? As you probably know peeling the sugarcane with your teeth and eating it is not so easy. I used to cry because i could'nt keep pace. My mom used to egg me on and say if at all i want my teeth to be clean and healthy i should try to peel the skin of the sugarcane eat it. Just give it a try.

Sugar cane juice is nutritious, sweet and it also has some medicinal properties. It is a delicious drink when mixed with lime and is beneficial during hig fever and jaundice. It supplies the body with neccessary proteins. As I said it will give good excercise to our teeth and gums and keeps them clean and sparkling and also healthy. Now with my own family chores keeping me busy I do really miss those days.

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