24 June 2007

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to human body. It is a water soluble vitamin. It is mostly found in green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables. Sprouted green gram contains about three times more of Vitamin C than any other sprouts.

Fruits like Apple are not rich source of Vitamin C while fruits like amla (indian gooseberry) and guava are rich sources of Vitamin C. Amla is the richest source among all the fruits and its juice contains 20 times as much Vitamin C as orange juice. A single amla is equal to 1-2 oranges.
Did I also tell you Amla is much much cheaper than Apple?

Most of the vitamins that could be consumed are usually lost due to improper cooking methods. To get the maximum benefit from vegetables, you should wash them first, cut them into big pieces and cook with minimum amount of water with the lid closed for a short period beforee they are consumed.

Vitamin C helps in healing and reparing of cells and tissues. It acts as a reducing agent.

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