3 June 2011

Did you ever see a dragon fruit?

Few days back, we had gone to Goa for a family function , there i saw this fruit what they call it as a "Dragon Fruit". It is a pink coloured fruit which looks like dragon which all horn like leaves protruding out from the fruit. It is similar to Chow-Chow( regional name knolkhol) in appearance but instead of green colour it is pink in colour. It is quiet expensive even then my sister persisted that we buy and check out how it tastes.
After coming back, i started looking out for the nutritional value of is so called dragon fruit and was surprised it contains around 40kcal of energy, 5g of fiber and lots of antioxidants and Vitamin C.
It has a white soft flesh with small sesame like black seeds which is rich in fiber and the taste is same as isabagol (soluble fiber which is used to treat constipation). Nature has provided so many varieties of fruits and vegetables which perhaps we have not tasted much and i feel we need to explore more instead of looking out for supplements for each and everything.
So go ahead, buy this dragon fruit and enjoy the taste and flavour.
So go ahead, eat and taste the natural fruits available in the market

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