21 May 2011

What foods to give kids during their vacations?

This is the common question among all the parents. All mom's are worried what to feed them every day whenever they come asking for food. Even i used to face the same problem, but being a dietitian and having an experience of 7-8 years, i felt i should grow my kids in a healthy way , so i tried to use my theoretical knowledge into practice.

Vacations is the time when kids play wholeheartedly without any hazzles of homework, exams etc. Or else, they sit and watch cartoons or play on mobiles and computers , which makes them more get bored after sometime and they mistake their boredom with hunger. As a parent you should be knowing what to give them and at what time. I am here to guide you with this:
  • Give them complex carbohydrates like whole wheat pasta's, wheat noodles, whole wheat bread toast or chicken sandwich or paneer sandwich for breakfast . These complex carbohydrates take long time to digest which keeps them full for at least 2-3 hours.A healthy breakfast keeps your kid active throughout the day.Children are usually fuzzy about eating a fruit for breakfast so try to include a fruit drink which is rich in vitamin C like orange juice or kiwi juice or else a glass of milk.
  • At about 11'0'clock, you can give a handful of dry fruits or fruit salad. A dry fruit chiki ( a slab of dry fruit which is added to melted jaggery) is as good as a handful of nuts in fact chiki has jaggery which is rich in iron and also gives 4kcal of energy.Or else you can also try to give them dry fruit milk shake.
  • For lunch, you can make different types of rice items preferably with brown rice and vegetables .Add pulses or fish or chicken so that they get enough proteins. If your kid likes roti 's then you can also prepare stuffed paratha's with spinach or dhal, or kasori methi or paneer.
  • By about 3pm you can give them few pieces of watermelon or papaya .
  • For evening you can prepare a good chaat by adding puffed rice, sprouts, grated carrots, groundnuts, tomato, coriander leaves and onions. Add a few drops of lemon juice to give the extra flavor and taste with the seasonings. Add a fruit juice to quench their thirst or else if you have a coconut yard give them fresh tender coconut water which is very rich in potassium which prevents them from getting muscle pain.
  • Prepare a whole wheat pizza with their choice of toppings or wheat noodles with added vegetables or roasted chicken.
  • Last but not the least do not forget to give them enough of fluids especially water. At least 8-10 glasses of water is must in the day otherwise there are chances of dehydration.
You see i have tried to include carbohydrates, proteins, fiber in the form of vegetables and fruits, minerals and vitamins from fruits, vegetables, cereals and nuts. All you need is balance their diet giving preference to their likes and dislikes and you will be a good mother to your kids.

I know preparing all these takes a lot of time but at last whatever you do it is for your kids because they deserve the best in the world. As you start doing it you will find it easier through experience.

As the saying goes experience makes a man. So also, you be a good mother and your kids will imbibe the same quality from you and pass on to the next generation.

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