25 January 2011

Useful guidelines for HYPOTHYROIDISM

Hypothyroidism is one ailment where there is under secretion of thyroxine which results in weight gain. Controlling weight becomes a big hassle for those who have hypothyroidism. I have seen lot of them plus i am one of them who is facing the same problem.

I know there are so many people like me who wants to know how to lose weight with hypothyroidism. I cannot do anything and nothing happens as a miracle but we can still keep on trying to lose few pounds or at least maintain the same weight and stop gaining more.

I am here today giving you some tips on what to eat and what you should be avoiding.

  1. Try to include tyrosine rich foods like fish, chicken and low fat or skim milk in your daily diet.
  2. Include Selenium rich foods such as whole unrefined grain, garlic, tuna, chicken etc.
  3. Consume vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard leaves, turnip after cooking.
  4. Use only iodized salt and let the use of it be minimum.
  5. In case you find water retention or edema then drink lots of lime water, jeer a water, cucumber juice, bottle gourd juice which acts as diuretics and helps in reducing edema.
  6. Anemia and Calcium deficiency is seen more in hypothyroidism , so try to include skim milk,dairy products, green leafy vegetables, rice flakes, millets like bajra and ragi.
  7. Avoid drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco.
  8. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
So, try to keep these points in mind and i hope you will surely benefit from this.


Anastasia said...

Hypothyroidism is one of the most undiagnosed of all medical conditions. Treating it with desiccated bovine capsule is a good choice.

Anonymous said...

Cabbage is certainly NOT good for patients with hypothyroid.
Spinach must be avoided.
Best is fish and chicken in every meal

Anonymous said...

People with hypothyroidism should not consume cabbage , cauliflower and broccoli.