19 January 2011

Super fruit- MELON

Melons come from the same family as cucumbers and squash but they are considered as a fruit because of their sweetness. Nowadays they are available almost any time of the year. Cool, crisp, juicy and light they are packed with potassium and other nutrients.

Cantaloupe is high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C and beta carotene. It is rich, juicy, sweet and fragrant. A quarter gives you the full dose of Vitamin A and almost 70% of daily Vitamin C and 50 Calories and no fat.

Honeydew is high in potassium and fol ate and has fewer nutrients when compared with other melons. It is crisp, fleshy and bright flavored like sweet cucumber.

Watermelon has highest lycopene content than any other fruit or vegetable. It is juicy and refreshing, less sweet than the cantaloupe or the honey dew.

Melons can be used in salads or pureed and be used as a drink or can be had as a fruit.

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