4 January 2011

Underground Roots

Root vegetables are versatile, filling, economical and are usually low in calories compared to other snacks.
First, let me tell you how many calories each of these roots contain:
  • Hundred grams of raddish gives 9 kcals, and colacasia-60 kcal in half cup, beets gives around 35 kcals in half cup but contains more sugar compared to other roots but tapioca and potatoes are calorie-dense and has same calories as grains .
Let me also tell you what all it contains other than calories:
  • Beets are very good source of phytochemicals and some iron. Carrot is one of the best source of beta carotene.Parsnips are fair sources of vitamin C, folate and pottassium. Raddishes have some Vitamin C, phytochemicals and make a good low calorie snack. Tapioca contains Vitamin C, pottassium, calcium and iron.Potatoes are good sources of carbohydrates and Vitamin C whereas sweet potatoes are also good sources of carbohydrates and good amount of fiber.
So, before planning a menu for the day, see for the nutritional contents of these roots and then use it as per your wish .

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