9 November 2010

Reducing Diet

Diet therapy plays an important role in reducing weight, obesity, reducing the triglyceride levels etc. Planning a diet for every individual is not an easy job. Generally a take a 24 hour diet recall to see what all they eat, their likes and dislikes, lifestyle etc.
Everyday I come across lot of youngsters who have gained weight in a short period of time mainly because of food habits, lifestyle and harmonal imbalance. They come up to me asking for help.They want to lose weight within a short duration for which they are ready to starve, take any weight losing pill and some of them are so depressed they end up in bulemia. Bulemia is a type of psychological disorder were a person eats large volume of food and throws up everything in the fear of gaining weight and gradually they are unable to eat anything inspite of being hungry.
Losing weight is a slow procedure and it requires lot of patience, maximum efforts and more than anything else is self control. A person should know when to stop eating and when to say 'no'.More than reducing on the calories it requires lot of behavioural modifications. Cutting down too many calories at once increases the risk of developing gallstones. Usually i suggest a maximum of 3-4kgs weight loss per month and for this a person has to cut down around 500-1000 calories lesser than the required dietary allowance per day.
Calorie restriction is the safest and most effective way of weight reduction.

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