30 October 2010

Is It neccessary to read the Food Labels?

These days you generally see food labels on all the food items available in the market, especially on ready to eat eatables. One of my client who has is own food industry came up time asking whether i can do the food labels for his new products? He said that now people have become more health conscious and they read the labels, expiry and manufacturing dates before buying any food item.He also told me that in this competitive world, if he does not display food labels on the packet nobody will buy his product and now the Food and Civil Supplies Department has made it compulsory that all his products should have the food label on it.

Before buying any processed foods, study the labels on the packaging and choose those with fewer and simpler ingredients (avoid hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors and colors, stabilizers, preservatives, excessive amounts of fat and sodium, and added refined sugar). You can make this assessment on every item by comparing the protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins against fat, sodium, sugars, and chemical additives. Choose the well-known company who have been in the food market from years and whose products you have been using from before. See for the manufacture date, expiry date and see within how many days it can be used safely etc before buying all these ready to eat food stuffs.

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