21 July 2007

Herbal tea

One of my patients, Aruna was a busy working woman with a large family. with a heavy schedule, she hardly had enough time for regular meals. Excessive intake of Coffee and Tea killed her apetite and her intake of food reduced to an alarming level.The addictions to these drink made her condition worse. Extreme exhaustion, severe anemia, inmnia and nagging headaches killed her day by day.
I prescribed a herbal tea as a substitute and a raw diet full of fresh vegetables and fruit juices. Juices gave her enough energy but still she missed her cup of tea which she could not avoid at all.So I advised her to use herbal tea and gradually she gor accustomed it it and her ailments improved a lot. Tea made with minimum kitchen spices is the easiest for regular consumption.This tea must substitute the regular tea and strengthens your immunity to common could and cough.
You can prepare this herbal powder easily at home by using the regular spices. Take 200gms of coriander powder, 50gms of cummin powder, 50 gms of dry ginger and one tea spoon pepper powder. Mix all these powders. One teaspoon full of this powder must be added to one-and -a half cups of water and boiled for a minute.Milk can be added after removing the solution from the fire. This is called Kshaya in Mangalore. A very small pinch of tea leaves and a spoon of sugar can be added if it is a must .
Tulsi leaves or even cinnamon sticks, lemon grass, cardamoms and saunf can be added to make it more tasty and for better health.
Lemon juice can also be added to the decoctionin combination with herbs .It can be consumed in both ways either hot or cold.
I am sure that you will try this and will send me feebacks.

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pratibha said...

must try herbal tea,sounds great-pratibha