24 June 2007

Diet: Rules of the Road

So you think you are up for a healthy diet?

Here are some things that worked for me and some of my clients.
  • Strong Determination. Some people say that they stick to the diet schedule for two days and third day they start developing food cravings and start snacking.
  • Timing. Don't eat when you are happy or sad. Usually when you are happy or epressed you pay scant attention to what you are eating and how much you are eating. So share this happiness or depression with others instead of going through it alone.
  • Stash. Always carry some fresh cut-vegetables like carrots or a fruit or a water bottle with you so when you are hungry, you can chew on something. It gets you past the immediate need for food. Then come home and have appropriate food.
  • Choose. Always serve yourself. Take everything in a single plate. Never take second servings of cereals , deserts, pastries and gravy dishes. Instead take lot of serving of salads, soups, fresh fruits.
  • Prepare. I know it would good to order something on impulse when you go to a restaurant but I recommend that you decide what you might have and prepare for it. If you are going to have something sweet, stay away for sweet food leading up to the restaurant visit.
  • Rest. Do not sleep as soon as you finish lunch or dinner stay awake for atleast two hours before retiring to bed.

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