23 June 2007

Healthy Eating

India has been going through a unprecendent boom and the people, who for the large part, of the century just gone by, were poor or could just afford to the four square meals. Now with all the newfound riches, being consumed by adjusting their lifestyle and living schedule to meet the needs of the western world they serve "eating out" or eating fast food is becoming the norm. This allows for very little healthy choices. Consequently people cultivate bad food habits which could eventually lead to undesired health issues. I have been working during my off-time with a quite of few people in my circle in helping them with their food choices and maintain a healthy diet. Now that I am able to free up more time, I am actively taking up this profession to advise people on their food habits. I have spoken on radio shows about the need for healthy diet, pursuing a book explaining the goods/bads of various food ingredients. Will keep this blog updated on the progress of the book.

What is dieting?

Dieting to many is reducing food or skipping a meal or two. In actuality, it does'nt mean starving or skipping meals. Being on diet does not also mean eating the same food day in and day out. You can vary the type of food and have a rich menu while ensuring that the calorie value remains constant and remain within the acceptable calorie limit for that particular individual. The daily requirement should be well distributed between the different meals. It permits you to have all the normal food of your choice within limits. You can do this by understanding food exchange system and using it intelligently to suit your special needs.

In the upcoming posts, I will go into details of how one can start define a healthy diet, maintain healthy weight while eating almost everything they want to.

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sruthi said...

Hello Aruna,
Its nice to find someone as knowledgable as you taking time to help readers understand the concepts of healhy eating. It is simply commendable. Keep it going !
Sruthi Nambiar