22 December 2010

Increase in Weight- Endocrinal Disorder

I have seen people who eat a well balanced diet, exercise regularly even then they gain weight for some unknown reasons. When i take a diet recall, i dont find anything missing or anything which i could say them to stop eating. Then i advice them to get a thyroid harmone test. The answer is their TSH level is high , so BMR is less and deposition of fat is more in the body.
I guide them to a good physician, along with medicine i prescribe a high protein diet.With this problem, i do suggest that they may not gain more weight but losing weight is rather tough.After certain period of time, the TSH levels may get normal with medicine dosage but following a perfect diet is very essential.
I can explain this better because i am facing the same ailment from past three months. Although my TSH level has come down to normal, i am unable to lose weight eventhough i walk for 45 minutes to 1 hour a day. I have cut down on all snacks, i eat less compared to before but i am not losing even a few grams. But only thing i would advice is be motivated, continue the same diet and exercise as before with the hope to lose few kiograms within a year or so. Being healthy is more important than losing weight and having a perfect figure.

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