11 December 2010


Generally we all talk about taking right food for increasing the B. M. R. is very important. So what is this BMR ? lot of people ask me the same question, so i thought i will today write about this.
B M R is nothing but basal metabolic rate.It is related to body size, age, sex, body composition, climate, sleep, under nutrition and starvation, fever, physical avtivity, fear and tension, thyroid, adrenaline and pituitary harmones.
Each person have different B. M. R. than the other. But with little diet modification, exercise etc one can surely increase his basal metabolic rate. Increasing the B M R is very important to keep yourself healthy and active and look fit and fine.
Let me tell you few steps to increase this:
1. Eat on time.
2.Try to eat 3 bigger meals and two smaller meals. Atleast 5 meals a day.
3. Exercise regularly atleast 30-45 minutes everyday or atleast 5 times a week.
4. Drink 10-12 glasses of water everyday.
5. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
6. Use sprouts, salads and delicious soups ( without cornflour).
7. Keep changing the diet atleast once in 15 days so that you do not get bored eating the samething.
8. Bring variety in diet by including a new dish everyday.
9. Don't lose interest be motivated, nothing happens in a day or two.
Follow these , i am sure you will be happy to see your B M R going up steadily and you look much more healthier than before.

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