18 November 2010

Myth-Fruits should not be eaten with other foods

Some health myth never dies. These days internet and emails just amplify them. The idea that fruit unless eaten in wrong combinations will not disturb digestion. I can give you an example. Some of my clients eat orange just after drinking milk. This is not a good combination. The citrus may curdle the milk instead i advise them to eat an apple or i tell them to eat the orange after one hour after the consumption of milk. Never combine two odd tastes and flavours.
It is good to eat on an empty stomach.The fact is fruit can be eaten anytime of the day as a meal, or part of dessert or as a snack. Raw or cooked, it does not fement in your stomach. Our digestive system is so well created by god that it can handle all food combinations very efficiently. In the intestine there are bacteria which help in breakdown into various other components. They act upon some of the fruits and vegetables and give you gas, but it has nothing to do with what combinations of food you eat.
In fact, most vitamins and minerals are best absorbed and utilized when consumed as a part of a complex mixture of food. For example, Vitamin C in your fruit helps in absorption of iron in the grains you eat.

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