15 November 2010

Fenugreek Seeds- commonly known as Methi Seeds

Did you know this?
Fenugreek seeds are rich in fat, protein and fiber. It contains 20% mucilagenous fiber and 50% total fiber. It as same hypocholestrolemic effect as rice bran oil. Incorporation of this in your diet brings about reduction in serum cholestrol by preventing the absorption. It has diosgenin and tigogenin in the ration of 9:1 which have lipid lowering activity. It also increases the excretion of bile acid and depletes the cholestrol stores in liver.
Try to include it in all the receipes as far as possible. You can germinate it overnight and prepare chutney by grinding it with red chillies, tamarind, salt and a small piece of jaggery. Germinated fenugreek seeds can also be eaten raw and added to all curries. It is said to lower the blood glucose level in diabetic patients too.
When these seeds have so many good things why not use it everyday?

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