24 November 2010

Eating Habits which leads to Obesity

Certain type of eating habits leads to obesity in addition to lack of exercise, heredity and various other harmonal imbalance.
  • Nibbling between meals.
  • Eating fast without chewing the food properly.
  • Psychological reasons like boredom, loneliness.
  • Housewives who are fond of cooking variety of foods.
  • Business executives who attend frequent meetings, dinners and parties.
  • People who eat out everyday.
  • Person who eats more of junk food.
  • Non-inclusion of fruits and vegetables.
  • Person who eats only non-vegetarian food.
  • Alcohol consumption.
  • People who like processed, concentrated and high fat food.
  • High calorie consumption and no physical activity.
  • Person who have sweet tooth, who get tempted towards sweets, chocolates, desserts, icecreams etc.

So , now that you know the causes for obesity, i hope you will think twice before eating .

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