12 November 2010


Liver is the part in our body which synthesises cholestrol. Normally it synthesises around 2g per day.Cholestrol level in your diet should not exceed 300mg per day. So it is very important to maintain the balance of cholestrol in our body.
In my earlier blog i have already told you about the 'good' and 'bad' cholestrol. The amount of oil to be used everyday and also about the contents of different oil. Compared to a non-vegan, vegan diet is low in calories, fat and cholestrol and it has adequate fiber which helps in binding cholestrol and increase the excretion of cholestrol.
Mustard oil and soyabean oil are rich in n-3 linolenic acid. Safflower and corn oil are rich in n-6 linolenic acid. To prevent blocking of arteries one can use combination of oils. Using more than one source of oil gives an additional advantage of providing greater variety of minor components and which may also enhance their antioxidant properties.
Today, most of people prefer olive oil, canola oil and groundnut oil. These oils helps you to reduce the Lower Density Cholestrol (bad cholestrol) without lowering the High Density Cholestrol ( good Cholestrol). So next time when you to go to supermarkets before buying , please think over which is right brand for your heart !

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