1 September 2007

Want to be a target of Green Envy when u grow old

Like me you might have experienced that, thanks to all the advances we have made and the explosion of the electronic media, noise pollution has gone up leaps and bounds. If it isn't the traffic noise on the way to work it is the construction work in the neighbourhood,
or the loud TV at home or music at some public function on nearby. We are getting bombarded with noise all the time.

If your children are like mine you might have also noticed that they are in competetion with all the surrounding noise in adding their own noise.

The result of all this you might have experienced that your hearing ability has gone done. I cannot hear clearly unless someone speaks loudly on the phone, or the the music on the TV is louder. Constant chatting on cellphone, walkmans, music players also add to the constant attack on our hearing system.

Researchers at University of Michigan USA have recently found that constant exposure to loud noise causes reduction of blood flow to your inner ear and that causes noise-induced hearing loss. Here is what they say we should do to combat it. We need to have food that provides a combination of Vitamin A, C, E and Magnesium.

Spinach gives you just that. Spinach is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C and also Magnesium. Try and incorporate Spinach into your diet, while trying to reduce the exposure to noise.

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