26 August 2007

Tips to increase fiber intake

Here are few tips to increase the fiber intake in your diet:

  • Eat or incorporate more grains, cereals and millets such as wholewheat flour, broken wheat, ragi, bajra, oats, corn etc.
  • Eat some lentils, legumes and dhals such as toor dhal(red gram), urad dhal(black gram) and green grams (sprouted).
  • Consume adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. Atleast three helpings of vegetables and two fruits a day.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits with their skin as far as possible. Avoid taking fruit juices and try using the whole fruit.
  • Include salads and sprouts as apart of your diet.

Here I would like to mention few fruits and vegetables which have high fiber content in them. Italian Millet, Ragi, Barley, Bengal Gram whole,peas, rajmah, red gram, green leafy vegetables, drumsticks, figs, lotus stem(25 mg/100g), dry chillies(30 mg/100g), coriander(32.6 mg/100g).

Dates have good dietary fibre in them (3.9%). Date is also good for constipated bowels as its roughage stimulates even the sluggish bowels and thereby improves the colon action.

But the best reason to incorporate fiber into your diet is to control your diet. Fiber makes you feel full sooner and that way allows you to control your portions. Consequently you cut down on the post meal lavishes.

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