1 August 2007

Soyabean- a high protein food

Did you know Soyabean is a high protein food!.
I had heard about this soyabean long long ago but i did not know its nutritional values until i did this nutritional course.Today i want to share this with you so that you can also make use of it in your daily menu.
One of my client, who was interested in going for a body building competition came to me asking for a diet to grow his muscles. He wanted to gain weight by growing healthy muscles. Hewas advised a high protein diet by his Physician. He was already consuming lot of chicken and even then he was not gaining much weight to become eligible for the contest. I suggested him to use soyabean in addition to chicken and pulses. I was surprised to hear that he was completely unaware about Soyabeans!. He said he heard this name for the first time in his life. Then i had to explain him everything about it.
Soyabean is called the king of Proteins. It contains more proteins(43.2g) than meat(18-22g) too. Isnt it surprising!.It also contains 240 mg of Calcium, 690mg of Phosphorus,10.4 mg of Iron and it is also a good source of folic acid.
It is available in the market in whole, flour, chunks, granules etc, etc...It can be used in any form. Even if you have in less amount it gives bulk to the diet. The flour can be added to Whole Wheat flour in making chappathis, pooris, parathas. Chunks can be used to make manuchurians, pulavs,biryani and granules can be used for cutlets, bondas, bhajjiyas. As such it can be soaked the previous night and delicious curries can be prepared just like any other grams.
So nowknowing the benefits i think you should not waste time just rush to the nearby supermarket and get a kilo of it and start using it from now itself.

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Anonymous said...

This is sumarajesh....As u said it is right, soya is really a nutritional value and also good for the diebatic pple too....one day i tries soya granules added in egg bhurji ...i must say it really tastes yummy...it goes well with sandwiches...