14 August 2007

Hygeine and Health

The main purpose of writing this article is to convey the idea of how hygeine plays a part in the health. Eating is a natural course of intake which includes all edible solids, drinks, liquids and solid foods etc. Here I would like to mention a few points which should be borne in mind so that you benefit from it.

  • Do not suppress calls of nature.
  • Make sure you wash your hands properly, rinse mouth, wash feet and face.
  • Keep your nails well cut so that they do not pass on the germs to your body.Most of the infection spreads through hands and nails.
  • Eat only when you are tension free. While taking meals do not discuss things which will upset you or create any tension. Always have meals when you feel easy and relaxed.
  • Try and keep the work related or other business commitments away from meal time so you enjoy or relish the food.
  • Raw vegetables and fruits should never be mixed with your normal meals because they require different types of enzymes and digestive juices for digestion.
  • After taking meals never go to sleep. Have a nap after lunch and wait for atleast a couple of hours prior to sleep after dinner. If time permits go for a small walk after dinner. It has been well said " After lunch rest awhile and after dinner walk a mile". Try using this method to keep yourself healthy.
  • Some studies have shown that sleep to your left helps digestion and good blood circulation. This will make you feel light and cheerful throughout the day.
  • After finishing meals always wash your hand and mouth thorougly.
  • Do not take mixed combinations like milk and curds together, hot and cold drinks, bitter and sweet etc.
  • Whatever may be the food item it should be taken fresh, tasty, nourishing, palatable and well balanced.

Before planning a meal always keeps these views as general guidelines of nutrition, health and hygiene.

I hope you will start adapting these good food habits from today itself. Remember this saying always. "HEALTH IS WEALTH" .Good luck!

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