4 August 2007

Healthy Substitutes for every day

While trying all your favourite receipes and not missing out on the delicacies here are some healthy alternatives/substitutes to reduce (saturated) fat, I recommend you use
  • Try skim milk instead of full cream milk.
  • Use oil instead of butter or ghee.
  • Use less meat, eggs or cheese than the receipe.Use minimum oil for cooking.
  • Refrigerate curries, gravies, soups and stews until the fat raises to the top of the bowl and skim it off.
  • Steam, boiling, roasting, grilling or microwave the food using less fat. Saute with water, juice or broth.

I think the earlier you modify your food habits the better. Ofcourse, you need to start slowly and persist with the goals and surely show its results within a months period. Good Luck!

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